Tinette Sumiller

Tinette is a financial planner who works with fellow financial professionals, individuals, families, and small businesses to help them achieve short and long term financial goals, elevate their standard of living, protect the ones they love, and create the possibilities and choices they wouldn’t otherwise have. She also donates her time and talents to teach arts to adults and children, to educate her students more about the beauty and essence of Philippine Culture through dance and music lived as a Filipino American. Tinette is also a co-owner of an all- female owned bar borne out of friendship and a meeting of the minds. In everything she does, Tinette believes that by sharing what she knows, she creates relationships with people that lead to further connections that allow for everyone to uplift each other. Connections create possibilities and choices, and choices allow for change; even if the changes are unsolicited, choices allow for healthy adjustments to those changes. She has worked in corporate finance for over 10 years where she followed a career path that eventually landed her to be her own boss. Tinette is a CFP (Certified Financial Planner) candidate, a licensed insurance professional, a Certified Financial Education Consultant, an Associate Dance Director for Kayamanan Ng Lahi, and holds a blue cord in Capoeira under Capoeira Brasil. Tinette holds a Bachelor of Arts in International Economics with an emphasis in East Asia from the University of  California, Los Angeles.